Exploring an Azorean Paradise at Parque da Grená

Parque da Grená
Staircase to the Waterfall

Objective: Parque da Grená, Furnas, São Miguel Island, The Azores
Distance: 3.2 miles (loop)
Peak Elevation: 1,603’
Elevation Gain: 800′
Difficulty: Moderate

Parque da Grená is a microcosm of São Miguel with waterfalls, a lake, calderas, and mysterious ruins. Grená is about a 10-minute drive from Furnas to the edge of Lagoa das Furnas.

Directions to Trailhead

From Furnas, head west onto EN1-1A. At Lagoa das Furnas, turn right and head north on the road along the lake and continue for 350 m. Turn left and drive for 400 m. You will be need €5 to pay for parking. Turn right and park at the parking area. There is also a €5 entrance fee for the park.

Parque da Grená
Mossy Carpet, Filtered Sunlight

Trek Highlights

From the park entrance, there is a path leading to a 600-step staircase to the edge of a waterfall. The trails in the park are about 3.2 miles total and take a couple hours to get through. To navigate this loop, always take the right fork. There are red and green bromeliads and giant orange mushrooms on logs next to the red volcanic gravel.

The park has maintained the stairs very well and each step is crafted of a couple sturdy wooden planks. Dewy moss covers the tree trunks, stumps, and boulders.

From a highpoint, you can see the pea soup green Lagoa das Furnas surrounded by dark green juniper trees, yellow-green ferns, and light green grass. The lush forest is really reminiscent of Hawaii.

Salto da Inglesa is loud and misty, passing brown rocks and hanging vegetation, until cascading in many directions below.

Meander through the waterfall valley to Grená’s house, an eerie abandoned estate reclaimed by nature with roots climbing the walls.

At the entrance of the park, there is a boardwalk through the bubbling gray mud and steamy holes. Each restaurant in town has claimed a pit for cooking their local food using the geothermal heat.

Photos of Parque da Grená

Go Rowing at Lagoa das Furnas
Geothermal Steam below Parque da Grená
Parque da Grená
Entrance to Grená
Lagoa das Furnas
Parque da Grená
Salto da Inglesa Waterfall
Splash Zone
Parque da Grená
Mushroom Log
Grená’s House
Parque da Grená
Fish Pond
Bubbling Mud
Cooking Food with the Geothermal Heat